​​Sprinkler System Planning

Sprinkler System Planning

One of the most important parts to actually having a successful sprinkler system that is not going to give your problems and is going to be able to water your entire garden starts out with proper planning. Not all sprinkler heads or pipe systems are made equal. So we really have to keep in mind which ones we want to use to fit them into what the system will look like or which ones we should use to make sure that the system will work properly. It may sound very similar, but it really depends on how you want to build your system.

Scanning Out The Field 

There are plenty of things that you really can’t account for on a blueprint or a map. What we like to do before anything else is to actually go to the place where we want to install a new sprinkler system and make our own measurements. The reason we want to do this is to be able to properly account for certain areas that may be in odd shapes and to not treat everything like a completely flat canvas. We’ve found that when we do that there is usually certain areas that are going to be getting enough water. Even if it is a small spot we typically want to account for it!

Where Are Going To Build A Trench?  

As we are sure that you may have figured out by now most irrigation systems require that you build a trench in which you are going to have the pipe that distributes water to the sprinkler heads running. In some yards people will not want us to literally run it right smack in the middle because of the fear that it may cause the ground to sink a bit over time. We can adjust the length and overall look of the system to fit exactly what you need.

Which Sprinkler Heads Are We Going To Use?   

Sprinkler heads will ultimately be the ones that decide where the water ends up. They can rotate 90 or 180 degrees or literally stay put. In other systems their span is even shorter also. So basically the type of sprinkler head that you use could directly impact the amount of sprinkler heads that you will need. If you literally have no idea how many gallons of water are going to be needed to be able to water your lawn correctly don’t worry. We can also help you with the math there to make sure that you chose the right sprinklers!

Where Do We Have To Hook Them Up? 

Literally the start of the path will be dictated by the location of the entrance to your water supply. Like we said sprinkler systems are very similar to hoses in that they have to be connected to a water supply to make sure that they will be able to work. From there we can draw up a sprinkler system that we can guarantee will provide water for the entire area.We are also offering commercial sprinkler services.