​​Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Repair

When your name is Sprinkler Repair Tampa we kind of spoil the surprise for you when we tell you that one of the services that we offer just so happens to be to repair your sprinklers. This service, however, is a lot more complex than just digging out old sprinklers and putting in new ones. Sometimes the original piping system that runs from your original water supply all through to where each sprinkler is located may be to blame for the problem. In these cases there plenty of things that can be done to check where exactly the issue located. Before we actually do any digging and mess up your lawn.

Being Able To Monitor Water Flow

Sprinkler systems can be as modern or as old fashion as you want them to be. One of the few things the new systems provide that older systems don’t is literal data. Why do we need to have data? If you know exactly how much water is being pumped to each sprinkler head you are more likely to spot a developing problem before things get too out of hand. This also allows you to target a specific area of your sprinkler system. Otherwise what we would have to do is dig up the entire system and mess up your lawn!

Replacing Sprinkler Heads  

If you have the type of sprinkler head that pops up every time that the sprinkler system is turned on then they are actually less likely to break than irrigation systems that remain in one place. The thing us the spring that allows your sprinkler head to arise from the ground will ultimately break down. In this case, all we would have to do is replace the sprinkler head for a new one. This process is pretty superficial at times. We would only have to make a small incision in the area that is occupied by that sprinkler head, remove it and put in a new one.

Main Water Supply Pipe Failure 

In simple terms sprinkler systems work thanks to a pipe that is connected to your homes water supply pretty much the same way that you will connect a hose. That pipe then runs to each and every one of the sprinkler heads that we can see in the lawn. The pipe is usually located around to 6 to 8 inches underground. As you can imagine if the pipe starts to leak or it breaks at one point it will not be able to supply the sprinkler heads with water. We can dig towards the pipe and repair or replace the broken parts!

Not Enough Water Pressure

Before we install a sprinkler system we will need to check whether your home has enough water pressure to be able to handle pumping water to the sprinklers. That may change though over time if you have an interior issue with your piping system. Sometimes people give us a call because their sprinklers won’t work and we come in and find out that who they actually need to call is their plumber!