​​New Sprinkler Installation

New Sprinkler Installation

If you have a beautiful lawn and you came up with the idea of installing a new sprinkler system you may freak out when we tell you that we are going to need to do some digging! There are certain irrigation systems that can be placed on top of the grass. In the old days, a lot of professional sports fields used this type of irrigation system to no “damage” the grass in their eyes by digging a couple of holes on the field. So what they would do is build a literally the same type of system that we build underground, but as just a large metal structure that they could put up and then remove. We want you to avoid any type of hassle by installing underground sprinklers!
Going To The Drawing Board 
All of our jobs start here. We highly recommend anyone who is thinking about installing sprinklers to not take this part of the process lightly. Even those of you that are going to install your own sprinklers and are just here to get some inside information! The idea is to know exactly how large of a system you need to build. This will dictate the number and the type of sprinklers that will be used on your property. 
Digging Up 
We are going to dig a trench in which we will place a pipe that will be connected to your water supply system and the sprinkler heads. A lot like wiring within your walls this pipe will be placed underground. Don’t worry though we won’t need to dig a couple feet deep or anything like that. For most lawns, we only need to dig about 6 to 8 inches deep to be able to install the pipe. Other irrigation systems may need to dig deeper, but even for commercial use in most areas, the systems are not that complex.
Checking Water Pressure 
If we were to go and reorder this whole page as a step by step guide on how to install sprinklers we may have put this process number one. Most of the times the common sprinkler systems will not need a whole ton of water pressure to be able to work properly. So around 99% of homes can handle a sprinkler installation. This process though is done to make sure everything checks out just fine. If it doesn’t you may want to call your plumber. Plus, some cities are very picky and require that you report to them every little detail regarding this process. That is why it becomes extra relevant.
Putting In Sprinkler Heads 
This is what we do right before we actually close up all the holes and go home! Not all sprinkler heads are the same and that is why we stressed the fact that you should account for that while planning the system. If you need sprinkler heads that rotate 90 or 180 degrees to be able to cover the entire area you need to know this before you draw up the number of sprinklers we are going to need to install!