​​Full System Analysis

Full System Analysis

Sprinkler systems are really not overly complex and usually have pretty easy repairs since their “roots” so to speak do not run too deep. The problem comes with some of the older systems. They are what we can call too simple. So we don’t have enough data to be able to spot a problem within the system without actually digging everything up and looking directly for where the problem may be. With our full system analysis, we can spot a developing problem and fix it before it has a chance to corrupt the entire system. More importantly, before you start wasting tons of water and it ends up costing you more money!

Monitoring Water Pressure

We usually talk a lot about water pressure, and the average person is left scratching their head. The thing is that for starters to be able to install a sprinkler system we need to know how much water pressure your water supply system is generating. As we’ve said this number is not always constant. If it has major drop-offs it could mean that there is either something wrong with your sprinkler system or the piping network within your home or business. Which of course is not something fun!

How Much Water Is Being Used By Each Sprinkler?   

For the most part, the amount of water that is being pumped to each sprinkler head should be pretty even unless you purposely want to pump more water to a specific area for whatever reason. If there is something that really seems odd it could be an indicator that there is either a problem with the sprinkler head or the pipe that runs underneath your lawn. Again having more recent sprinkler systems makes our job of collecting that data a lot easier and we can truly analyze the numbers as we intend to do!

A Visual Inspection 

While technology is great and it can save us a lot of time we can’t forget about some of the most simple things in life like just literally walking around looking directly at each sprinkler head to see if it is working properly. If a certain sprinkler is not rising correctly above the ground, for instance, it can really cause big damage to your lawn. As an excessive amount of water can concentrate in one area and make those famous puddles. If they form near your home you could have bigger problems than a soggy grass to walk on.

My Bill Went Up   

This is one of the main reasons that we get calls from people within our client base. We claim that sprinklers are a good investment and we stand by that. So if your bill came in a little heavy give us a call. There are plenty of things that could have caused your bill to come in that way. It could be something as simple as the rates when up or as complex as having trouble with your water supply within your home or sprinkler system. We can also help you regarding electrical troubleshooting!