​Electrical Troubleshooting

Electrical Troubleshooting

Since sprinkler systems are based under the very ground that they are meant to make look its best it would be totally counterproductive if everytime that we had to fix an issue we had to dig huge holes in the ground. That is why we provide electrical troubleshooting in our systems. That way we are able to pinpoint the source of any potential issue that may show up without having to actually look at the pipes directly with the naked eye. This makes all of our repair jobs a lot easier and it helps your lawn truly be able to develop.

Using An Ohmmeter

One of the main staples in troubleshooting electrical problems in your irrigation system is the use of an ohmmeter. It measures electrical resistance. In a sprinkler system, it is helpful to detect any problems that may be forming and to know exactly which station they are forming in. Essentially it is a great way to know if and where you are going to need to start digging. This is actually a very simple process that we can perform quickly. It basically gives us an opportunity to pinpoint a problem within minutes.

Water Pressure

If you go through pretty much each page on the site you will find that we constantly talk about water pressure. Getting a read on the water pressure at the source point that connects from the water supply system under your home or building to the irrigation line is one of the first steps to spotting a problem. If the pressure coming from your home seems fine then the problem must be within the sprinkler system. This is may even be the first step that we take when we are called in to fix any type of issue that you may have spotted within your sprinkler system.

Issues With The Timer

One of the main benefits that people seek from sprinkler systems is having the opportunity to literally sit back and not have to ever worry about watering their garden. You just leave the timer on and let the sprinklers do their thing at a time of day that you know you won’t be using your lawn. Most of the issues that we get calls for are timer problems. They tend to be preceded by the owner of the sprinkler system trying to adjust the timer in some way. Either by turning off the system because they were going to use the lawn at the typical watering hours. So as you can imagine these problems are an easy fix. In other cases, the system really has an issue and those times we may truly need to replace it or reboot it.

When Should I Call?

We know that when it comes to sprinkler systems you will be able to find a lot of common knowledge online that may help you fix a lot of the problems on your own. We are not against that at all, just remember that certain things do require the help of an expert. If you are going to attempt any repair be sure to stay safe water and electricity is not a good combination for humans!